Butch O'NealEdit

Butch was born to human seemingly human parents in 1960. His life was relatively normal until his sister was abducted in 1962, after which he was abused by his father and ignored by his siblings, though his mother always favored him.

Eventually becoming a homicide detective in Caldwell, Butch was known for being rough with the suspects he was in charge of, much to the dismay of his more gentle partner, José de la Cruz.

Butch met Beth while investigating the same crime scenes she sought out as a reporter.

During the course of Dark Lover, Butch becomes so involved with the Brotherhood that his memories can no longer be wiped and it cannot be considered safe to return him to human society. It is decided that he will remain with the Brotherhood and takes up residence with Vishous in the gate house.

The Dhestroyer ProphecyEdit

Butch is abducted by the Lessening Society and believing him to be the key to what they call the Dhestroyer prophecy:

"There shall be one to bring the end before the master,  a fighter of modern time found in the seventh of the twenty-first, and he shall be known in the numbers he bares; One more than the compass he apperceives Through mere four points to make at his right, Three lives has he, Two scores on his fore, and with a single black eye, in one well will he be birthed and die."

He is presented to the Omega and is infused with the Omega's essence. This makes him ill and he is eventually found by the Brotherhood and taken to Haver's Clinic. While associating with Marissa, it is discovered that all of his bodily fluids have turned black, a sign of the Omega's prescence in his body.

Ancestor RegressionEdit

After Butch's abduction and clinic stay, Butch is still ill. In a bid to save him from the unknown effects of the Omega's presence, Vishous volunteers to try a potentially dangerous ritual called an ancestor regression, which may clean the Omega out of him.

The ritual is a success, although Butch almost dies in the process. Now a vampire and found to be of royal blood, Butch is inducted into the Brotherhood and given the name Dhestroyer.


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